About Us

About Us

During our 15 years of buying property we have solved many sellers problems. It seems these problems increase year on year. We as landlords and property developers face these exact same issues as our sellers.

The most common problems faced by sellers are:
  • Estate Agents are continuing with the old trick of over-valuing properties in order to get your business – then when the property has been on the market for a prolonged period they ask you to reduce the price.
  • Estate agents can be lazy, they want more properties on their books, but do very little active marketing.
  • The government’s recent tax changes to buy-to-let property has seen a number of landlords selling property.

  • Council regulations have caused many landlords to lose patience with the number of restrictions imposed on them.

  • Finance companies are highly regulated and require the borrower to jump through ever increasing hoops. This has created alternative lending solutions, but their rates and fees are significantly higher.

The old saying, ‘it’s as safe as houses’ may still be true for good quality stock in good areas, but for those problem properties they can be a burden.

We have sold many of our own problem properties and on behalf of our clients before the market takes a downward turn.

Feel free to contact us – we are always happy to discuss selling options with you. We haven’t failed to sell a competitively priced property!